Pittsburgh Engagement Session

You never quite know what you will get with Pittsburgh weather, and that was definitely the case for Hailey and Jake's engagement session on the Pittsburgh North Shore. We had agreed on a meeting location and time. Everything was going great as we started their engagement session. They were getting comfortable in front of the camera, and we were getting some epic shots with the classic yellow Pittsburgh bridges and city skyline as a backdrop.

Cue the Rain!!

After about 20 minutes of shooting, the sky started to look very dark and it was looking inevitable that it was going to rain! I ran to my car to pick up 2 clear umbrellas that I keep for backup (I don't like to bring them out initially just to ward off any bad luck). I wanted to get pictures of them on the sister bridges before rain, but honestly we didn't make it in time. It started raining as soon as we got on the bridge! Hailey and Jake were open to continuing our session in the rain, which I thought was so awesome. So, we continued to take pictures in the rain! We were able to get some pretty amazing shots of the city and bridges even during the rain.

It kept raining so much, that at a certain point Hailey and Jake ditched the umbrellas all together. We walked into the city and took some photos just embracing the rain. Honestly, although it rained for more than half of their engagement session, I had the most fun! It was their willingness to embrace the rain and keep going with great attitudes that made us all want to keep going. Their engagement pictures were a success and they have such a diverse group of pictures.

Next up: wedding day!

I can't wait to photograph their wedding day at Pittsburgh Sheraton Station Square in Fall 2024. Their wedding day will be a blast: rain or shine! Anyone else down for Pittsburgh rainy engagement pictures?! I would love to do another session like this!